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Books & Resources for JD Program

This guide contains required and recommended materials and resources for each course in the JD program of the JFK School of Law

Required Textbooks

This class requires 2 West Academic Study Aid books, and 1 Casebook Connect (Aspen) book.

1. Law School Secrets, Outlining for Exam Success, Lynn Bahrych, Jeanne Merino, & Beth McLellan. Where to access: West Study Aids Subscription Portal:

2.  Legal Method and Writing Charles R. Calleros, & Kimberly Y.W. Holst.  (9th ed. 2022). Aspen. ISBN: 9781543849523.

Where to access: Located within course. Under Course Information > Course Resources, you will see a link for this text which will direct you to the Casebook Connect bookshelf. Using this link, you'll see the book show up on your Casebook Connect shelf. 


2. Legal Writing and Analysis in a Nutshell  Optional (5th ed. 2017) Charles R. Calleros, & Kimberly Y.W. Holst. Where to access: West Study Aids Subscription Portal:


How to order print copies of these:

Study Aids: 15% discount on study aids at the West Academic store.  If you are logged in the way you usually view your e-books, use code NULAW at check out to get that savings.

The following books are examples of study aids (used in Law 117):

Batoff's Law School Secrets: Outlining for Exam Success

Bahrych, Merino, and McLellan's Legal Writing and Analysis in a Nutshell, 5th

For Legal Method: Predictive Writing, use this form: 

What is Legal Methods?

The primary focus of Legal Methods and Examination Skills is to introduce the structure of legal rhetoric. This is accomplished in the context of planning and writing answers to hypothetical law school examination questions. Students are also introduced to a system for organizing and synthesizing the material of substantive courses and to the resources of the Law Library, particularly those materials useful during the first year.