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Books & Resources for JD Program

This guide contains required and recommended materials and resources for each course in the JD program of the JFK School of Law

Required Textbooks

This course has 1 required textbook located on Casebook Connect (Wolters Kluwer), and one supplemental/optional text which can be purchased separately. 

1. Contracts: Cases, Discussion, and Problems, 4th Edition (2017) Blum, B. A. & Bushaw, A. C.  (Casebook Connect)

How to Access: Casebook Connect – access through special link within course by going to “Content > Course Information > Course Resources”. This will redirect you to the book on Casebook Connect. 

2. Textbook (recommended, not required): 1000 Days to the Bar - But the Practice of Law Begins Now, 3rd Ed (2022)

Buy on Amazon:

What is Contract Law?

Contracts (115A-115B) provides an overview of the means by which individuals enter into contracts and become subject to contractual obligations; the ways in which contractual terms are interpreted; the methods by which these obligations are satisfied, modified, or revoked; the rights and obligations of non-contracting parties; and the remedies for failure to fulfill contractual duties.

Recommended Resources

Each of the following recommendations are available on your West Study Aids Subscription. Click on each to be redirected to the resource on West Study Aids. 

1. Acing Contracts

2. Gilbert Law Summaries on Contracts

3. Black Letter Outline on Contracts

4. Principles of Contract Law  

5. Contracts in a Nutshell  

6. Sum and Substance Audio on Contracts

7.  Law School Legends Audio on Contracts

8. Flash Cards for Contracts

9. A Short & Happy Guide to Contracts

10. Contracts - Hornbook