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JD Books & Resources for JFK School of Law

This guide contains required and recommended materials and resources for each course in the JD program of the JFK School of Law

What is Civil Procedure?

Civil Procedure is the study of rules of litigation and the complex strategies proceeding and or during the litigation process. Unlike other substantive courses, Civil Procedure is not the examination of rights, injuries, and remedies or damages. Instead, Civil Procedure is the examination of justice and how we define this objective from a procedural perspective. It is also “insider’s law” concerned with the framework upon which these rights are brought before a tribunal and how to collect damages awarded for injuries.

Required Textbooks

This course uses a mixture of 2 Casebook Connect Casebooks (Glannon Guide and Civil Procedure: A Coursebook, 1 West Academic Study Aid (Gilbert's), and 1 Aspen study aid (Examples & Explanations).

1. Civil Procedure: A Coursebook, 3rd Edition (2017) Aspen Casebook Series: Glannon, J. Perlman, A., & Raven-Hansen, P.

Where to Access Casebook Connect – access through course by going to “Content > Course Information > Course Resources”. Using this special link, you'll be directed to the book on Casebook Connect.

2. Civil Procedure: Examples & Explanations, 8th Edition (2018) by Glannon

Publisher: Wolters Kluwer / Aspen

Where to Access:  WKOSAL / Aspen -- linked here:

Login: Select OpenAthens Login and use your NUone credentials


3. The Glannon Guide to Civil Procedure, 3rd Edition (2013) Glannon, J. - Linked to Casebook Connect through your course under Course Resources - Only this link will take you to the book on Casebook Connect.

Side note, It is ALSO on the Aspen Study Aid Library but it does not have the same quizzing features as Casebook Connect

Login: Select OpenAthens Login and use your NUone credentials


4. (Recommended) Gilberts Law Summaries: Civil Procedure,18th Edition (2017) Marcus, R., & Rowe, T. West Academic Study Aid Portal:



Federal and California Rules of Civil Procedure: (accessible online)

Recommended Resources