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Institutional Review Board (IRB): Application Submission Instructions

Contact the IRB

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Group Session on Introduction to the IRB Application

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In the group session on Introduction to the IRB Application, you will learn how to begin a study, start a new IRB application, and answer each question in the IRB application. Please note that your IRB application will not be reviewed in this session.

We suggest attending this session after the sessions on eligibility criteria, recruitment materials, and consent materials.

Please review our attendance policy before registering.

Submit to Cayuse

Cayuse is a third-party platform used by NU for IRB processes. All researchers must use the platform to submit applications and documents to the NU IRB. Faculty chairs/mentors will also use Cayuse to certify their students' applications.

If you are a legacy NU researcher (used NU login credentials before the university merger [Nov. 2022] OR began your degree program after that date), there is a guide below for you!  

If you are a legacy NCU researcher (used NCU login credentials before the university merger [Nov. 2022]), there is a guide below for you, too! 

If you have questions or experience technical issues, contact the NU IRB (please do not contact NU technical support).

A help video for logging in to Cayuse and beginning an application is linked below:

Instructions for using Cayuse are linked below.

Cayuse Review Turnaround Time

The estimated time frame for a submitted and fully certified application (certified by both PI and Faculty Sponsor/Chair [if applicable]) to be assigned to a reviewer is 1-2 business days. If your application is deemed incomplete, it will be returned to you without undergoing review.  Once your application is deemed to be complete, it is assigned to a reviewer, and the estimated time frame for a review is 5-7 business days.  If an application needs to be revised and resubmitted (and re-certified), the review timeline is again 5-7 business days. 


1. I can no longer access IRBManager to submit my study closure, what do I do?
a. Send an email to with your study number and study title. The IRB will send you an email with the closure letter.
2. I need to submit a modification for a study that was approved in IRBManager, what do I do?
a. Minor changes (i.e., adding a site, adding a recruitment method, altering the wording and/or order of data collection instruments) can all be emailed to for a modification approval letter. You must provide your study number and title along with a description of what you are changing. You may submit a maximum of 2 minor changes modifications before you will be required to submit a new application in Cayuse.
b. Changes that require revisions to recruitment and/or consent documents, significant changes to the study protocol, or how study procedures will be conducted will require a new submission in Cayuse. This means you will need to create a new application in Cayuse and include the changes you are proposing.
3. What happens to the legacy studies in IRBManager?
a. The IRB will maintain a document with basic study related information (study number, title, PI name, and approval status). We will not have access to study documents. The PI is required by the regulations to maintain their own study documents for a minimum of three years past the closure of the study.
4. I’ve already had my documents reviewed in the Group Writing Sessions but the templates are different in Cayuse. Can I still use my documents?
a. Yes, documents created using any templates previously provided will be accepted up until July 1, 2023. If you submit after July 1, 2023, you will be required to use the new templates linked in Cayuse and on the IRB website.

The IRB Review Process