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Institutional Review Board (IRB): Sessions on Eligibility Criteria

Group Writing Sessions on Eligibility Criteria

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The group writing session on Eligibility Criteria is for students doing human subjects research. In this session, you will learn how to write clear criteria that indicates who can participate in your study. You can receive feedback on your eligibility criteria in this session, if you provide your criteria on your registration form. Please see our Eligibility Criteria page for more information.

We suggest attending this session first, before attending sessions on recruitment materials or consent letters.

Please review our attendance and feedback policies on the Group Writing Sessions page before registering.

How to Register

Register for a group writing session through our scheduling system below. To register, you will follow these steps:

  1. Select your time zone
  2. Find the day/time that works for you and click the blue button for "Sign Up"
  3. Fill out the registration form. If you'd like feedback in the session, please provide your material on the registration form.
  4. Click “Complete Appointment.”
  5. Save your confirmation email. Your confirmation email will provide the meeting link for your session. It will also allow you to cancel, reschedule, and update your registration form.


Register for a Session

Please select your time zone first. Then you will schedule session times in your own time zone.