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Writing Resources

This guide contains all of the ASC's writing resources. If you do not see a topic, suggest it through the suggestion box on the Writing home page.

What is a Blog


What is a blog?

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A blog is a shortened version of a weblog used as an online journal or website that usually presents information written in chronological order about an individual’s thoughts about a topic.

A blog includes the following:

  • Organize the information before starting.
    • Outlines or story maps are often used.
  • Begin the blog post with an attention-grabbing title.
  • Ensure the blog content is well-written and relevant.
    • It should be engaging.
    • It should have a conversational tone to keep the readers' attention. 
  • Writing the introduction.
    • Explain the problem to your blog readers.
    • Provide a bit of history or background to put it in perspective.
  • Writing the body.
    • Explain solutions and strategies that address the problem.
    • Use various formats such as paragraphs, bullets, numbered lists, and headings.
    • Be casual and informal. 
    • Be respectful of the readers’ cultures and opinions.
    • Include proper grammar and mechanics.
    • Include relevant images, hyperlinks, and other forms of media.
    • Provide citations and references from sources.
  • Writing the conclusion.
    • Restate the problem, strategies, solutions, and include a call to action for further research.

Choose a Site


How to choose a site?


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There are many sites available that allow you to create a website and start blogging.  The site you choose depends on the following choices:

  • The type of blog.
  • The available content options.
  • Predesigned templates or freeform.
  • Domain ownership.
  • Technical support options per technical experience and capability.
  • Fees or charges to sign up, maintain, or host the site.

Consider the options below for your first foray into blogging:

Be sure to research each site thoroughly and then pick the one best for your need.  Keep in mind this is not an all-inclusive list; there are more sites out there that you can use to start your blog.

Video Tutorials

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