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This guide contains all of the ASC's writing resources. If you do not see a topic, suggest it through the suggestion box on the Writing home page.

Interoffice Memorandum

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Writing an Interoffice Memorandum

An interoffice memorandum or memo is an internall document written to inform employees of the company or organization's policy, procedures, announcements, events, or to give instructions. 

An interoffice memo includes some of the following sections



Label as "Interoffice Memorandum".




The purpose is to identify who should read the document.



The purpose is for the reader to know who is sending the document.

  • Often the document will be from leadership, a decision maker, or a department.


The purpose is to identify the current date of the memo.



The purpose is to identify the nature of the memo.

  • It should be short and simple.

The purpose is to communicate a message or idea while providing facts about the subject.

  • Formatted in block paragraphs.
  • Single-spaced.
  • Double-Spaced between paragraphs.
  • Business font (Arial, Times, Calibri).
  • Speak directly to the reader.

Paragraph 1: Introduction

  • Provide the background of the issue, problem, or main idea.

Paragraph 2: The Facts

  • Include the facts.
  • Be concise, yet informative.

Paragraph 3: The Solution

  • Be concise, yet informative.

Paragraph 4: The Conclusion

  • Includes a summary.
  • Includes a call to action
    • What happen from the date of the memo and moving forward?

Note. There is not a signature line.



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