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Writing Resources

This guide contains all of the ASC's writing resources. If you do not see a topic, suggest it through the suggestion box on the Writing home page.

ASC Chat

ASC Contact Information

ASC Chat is usually available at the following times (Pacific Time):

Days Hours (Pacific time)

9 am - 8 pm


7 am - 1 pm

3 pm - 10 pm


7 am - 1 pm

3 pm - 10 pm


7 am - 1 pm

2 pm - 10 pm


9 am - 1 pm

3 pm - 5 pm

6 pm - 8 pm


7 am - 1 pm

6 pm - 9 pm


10 am - 1 pm

5 pm - 9 pm

If there is not a coach on duty, submit your question via one of the below methods:


 Ask a Coach

Search our FAQs on the Academic Success Center's Ask a Coach page.

Paper Setup

Basic Paper Setup

Learn how to set up an APA Style paper, including the font, line spacing, margins, paragraph indentation and alignment, and page header.

Academic Writer

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APA Student Paper

APA 7 Student Paper Introduction

Paragraph depicting  page indentation, Level one heading, 1 inch margins, and double spacing between sentences

Body Paragraphs

Body paragraph. One space after sentence. Use consistent font



Conclusion - Text should be flushed left. Do not select enter at the end of each line, let Word wrap the text.


Reference Page

Reference Page Title should be centered and bolded. References should have a hanging indent and be double spaced.


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