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Learn About the ASC

In this guide, students, faculty members, and staff can learn more about the ASC's tiers of service, policies, and staff.

Uploading Your Document

Steps to Upload a Document

  1. Log in to the scheduler (see "Register" tab for steps).
  2. Select the arrow next to "Welcome (Your Name)" at the top of the schedule.
  3. Select "My Appointments."

My Appointment yellow arrow pointing at menu dropdown Red arrow pointing to appointments option


  1. A list of your scheduled appointments will appear to the right.
  2. Locate and select the appropriate appointment.

Select Appointment Green arrow pointing to appointments option red arrow pointing to specific appointment


  1. The Appointment Form for that session will open. 
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the form and select "Edit Appointment." 

Edit Appointment Button red arrow pointing to Edit Appointment button


 8. Scroll to the bottom of the form to upload your document.

Upload Document graphic of upload document area of form


  9. Select "Save Changes."

       Save Changes -Picture of the buttons at the bottom of the form Save Changes button is blue


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